Friday Fun Facts : Erin Estate


Today’s focus is on one of the oldest estates managed by Allied Timbers Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, Erin Estate.

Located in the heart of Manicaland, Erin Estate lies 83 km north of Mutare and 20km south of Nyanga Town. The Estate covers 10,741ha of land. The plantations are managed on a 25-year tree rotation.

To ensure the sustainability of the forestry, every year the estate manager and a team of foresters set a planting target that is twice the harvested percentage. For this year the target is to plant 800ha and raise 977680 seedlings, however, there are plans to raise more seedlings and increase the area planted so as to have sustainable forestry in the next 5 years.

Currently, they are raising pinus patula seedlings, which are ideal species for the estate’s climatic conditions and soil type.